ickala, Electronic components store

ickala, Electronic components store

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Experience the speed, convenience, and pleasure of online shopping on ICKala.

Look at the ICKala for goods, study specialized reviews, and select and buy with a few clicks. In this way, in addition to the simplicity and ease of purchase, get a list of electronic components of your projects at the current time and without wasting time and searching in traditional stores.

The ICKala Callanizer mobile app, as the one of the e-commerce app  with the most up-to-date online shopping tools, offers easy-to-use shopping experience and perpetual access to a wider range of smart and secure purchases. With this app, you always have the largest online electronics store in Iran.

In the mobile app, there are many features that can be found in some of the following:

✓ Simple, smart and secure shopping experience

✓ Ability to search and review; select and buy at any time and at any place

✓ Full access to all parts of the ICKala store

✓ Provide complete and accurate product information

✓ Internet payment option

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