Police Car Chase Offroad

Police Car Chase Offroad

نسخه ۱.۰۸
نصب فعال

Ready to stop the criminals from causing more crimes? Want to drive fast offroad in cool police cruisers? Join the ranks of the police driver and successfully stop the robbers smuggling important packages across the countryside.

Battle each other as you and the robbers race to each package drop off to collect the stolen weapons. Do whatever it takes to stop the robbers; smash, crash, boost, and drive your best to get the stolen goods.

Don't feel like doing missions? Drive anywhere you want to in this huge open world environment. Cause your own mayhem in traffic, perform crazy stunts, or go out and find the tons of collectibles hiding throughout the offroad countryside.

Upgrade to faster, bigger, tougher police cars to help stop the criminals by completing missions and more fun stuff! Get to driving some of the best police car cruisers and 4x4's.

Game Features:
- Dynamic camera angles
- Realistic car driving physics
- huge open world offroad environment, stunt city and drift city,more to come soon!
- Interact with real world objects and surfaces, crash through billboards!
- Actual real time vehicle damage
- Tons of collectibles to find!
- Action packed, adrenaline pumping missions
- Authentic police car lights and sounds
- Huge selection of high quality police vehicles, from tough offroad 4x4 jeeps to super fast police interceptors!
- Easy to use driving controls, both touch and tilt controls!

Get ready for the latest exciting gameplay of the newest police car driving simulator, Police Car Chase Offroad! Protect the innocent form the smugglers dealing with illegal goods, drive and stop them from ever getting away with crimes.

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