Fearless Moto Rider Stunt Mania 2019

Fearless Moto Rider Stunt Mania 2019

نسخه ۱.۰
نصب فعال

Take your mountain motorbike racing skill to next level with this adventure ride. Ride along the spectacular slopes of mid-air tracks, dynamite traps and more. Feel the boldness and passion of the motorcycle riding on the most amazing obstacle course on sunny beach.

The reckless moto riders can do fearless freestyle stunts like ramp jumps, mid-air jumps and spectacular trail motorbike tricks on dangerous impossible tracks. Experience the real biking adventure by showing your daredevil moto riders skills. Master the super bike tricky stunts you need extreme motorcyclist skills.

An ultimate interesting and challenging game for those who loves to see how much guts they have on controlling reckless motor motorcycle ride. Play Fearless Moto Rider Stunt Mania 2019 game to complete all obstacle course motorcycle riding missions. Collect all the checkpoints within a time limit to continue from last position in case you fall from the sky high ramps.

Download and play Fearless Moto Rider Stunt Mania 2019 in your smart phone for FREE!!!

Fun has no time limit when it comes to riding a bike and perform motorcycle stunts in moto driving academy simulation games.


- Free to play motorcycle stunt riding game of 2019
- Realistic motorbike riding physics for
- Multiple sports motorbikes to ride on obstacle course
- Breathtaking views of sunny sandy beaches and ocean waves
- Adventurous bike riding for youngsters
- Variety of motorcyclist controls for biking simulation
- New impossible tricky tracks simulator game

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