Lost my Phone!

Lost my Phone!

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Android device manager is a new service issued by Google Corp. that helps you track and manage your cell phone remotely.

In cases that your cell phone has been stolen or missd in an unknow place, by using web address https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager and just your G-mail that has been registered before on your phone, you can track and also manage your phone remotely.

- By choosing "Ring" option, your phone rings at it high level for 5 minutes.

- "Lock" option helps you to activate a screen lock on your phone immediately.

- and "Erase" option will erase eveything on your phone, your photos, videos, contacts and etc.

This service is applicable only if your cell phone data connection be ON. By using this App you can send a text SMS, including activation code to turn your cell phone data ON.

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