Space Shooter

Space Shooter

Version 1.0
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This game is a space shooting game with 17 different characters. It has the ability to play multiplayer and single player. The best feature of this game is its multiplayer capability. Multiplayer learning to play with Hotspot: Someone goes to the settings and then turns on the hotspot (game point), comes to the game, clicks on the play button, then on the multiplayer button and then on the hotspot button.

Other people turn on their Wi-Fi and then connect to Hotspot. First, they enter the game, click on the play button, then on the multiplayer button, then on the wifi button, and then on. And play

important points:

__The number of people who can play together in the multiplayer part is at least 2 people and the maximum is 4 people

__When the first person (the person who turned on the hotspot) clicks on the hotspot button, other people have to wait 2 to 5 seconds and then click the wifi button.

__If in the hotspot section, your IP is different from the lower IPs, ie it is not supported (there is no problem with the IP of those who connect, the important thing is the IP of the first person)

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