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In the name of Allah

The height of the excitement and speed in ghan ghan...

In this game you can, select the Iranian car on beautiful and exciting road, and fun to drive pay.

ghan ghan Features :

* Ability to select iranian cars and change their colors.

* Select  Iranian and beautiful music while driving

* Playback radio while driving

* Choose the most suitable  camera, while driving

* There are three types of different commands to control the car

* irani and beautiful environment

Game Description:

There are bombs and coins along the way, which will deal with each of bombs, 30 seconds added to your time and collided with any of the coins, 4 seconds of your time low. At the end of the game, whatever the time of user is lower, has recorded a better record.


By default, the game graphics is at its minimum. To increase it, in the main menu, click "graphical settings" and there increase the game's graphics.

* install on Android 4.4 and above *

recommended system:

CPU:Quad-core 1.2 GHz

RAM:1 gigabyte

Please avoid illegal copying and publishing program. (The offender, legal action will be)


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