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Web Browser

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It is the best browser that allows you to surf safely through the internet. It is a fast, high-quality and professional browser.

The smart mobile browser is now on the market for you. Designed for the tablets and mobile phones, it provides an unbelievable web experience.

*Are you tired of all the ads on a website? Then, this is the application for you. Because, you can block the undesired ads now.


- Safe Surfing
- Free Internet browser
- Adobe Flash Player Support
- Orbot Support
- The Fastest Initialization
- Copy / Paste
- Quick Search
- Privacy Protect: Does not save the history
- Fullscreen
- Video Options: You can set all the options very easily
- Download protection and defense mechanism against malware
- Incognito Browse Mode
- Bookmarks
- History Browse Option
- Link Copy Feature
- Add-on Option.
- Markers
- User interface and date
- Fast Connections
- The Best Features
- Adjust the font size
- Preview the Pages


Codes used: MPL (Mozilla Public License v.2.0) is licensed under: https://www.mozilla.org/mpl/2.0/

netciph library is used. Is licensed under the GNU. www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html

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