Video maker, video slideshow – Video editor

Video maker, video slideshow – Video editor

Version 1.0.4
Install +5 K
Category Photography
Size 22 MB
Last Update 2021 May 2
Video maker, video slideshow – Video editor

Video maker, video slideshow – Video editor

Version 1.0.4
Install +5 K
Category Photography
Size 22 MB
Last Update 2021 May 2
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You are looking to create an impressive video from the beautiful photos in your library and album? Or you want to add effects to videos, cut or combine videos? Let Video maker, video slideshow – Video editor help.
Video maker, video slideshow – Video editor is the easiest, free, most multi-function and powerful editing and video application for making great videos with beautiful effects and your favorite music. Moreover, you can share immediately on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp social networks.
It's so easy to create videos from your photos and music which will help you keep your fun moments in a video. And then, you can review or share it with everyone.
Main functions:
+ Slideshow: Video Editor
- Slideshow allows you to create videos from the images you choose. You can customize video effects, add your favorite music, and a lively background. You can also add lovely stickers, or even the message you want to save to the video. Slideshow gives you the freedom to create videos from photos you have in your album library, and create a super interesting work of art
- Now you can create videos with photos and music easily, this is definitely the best video maker for Instagram, Youtube, TikTok ...
- With a variety of photo transfer effects, the app will make your video clips become more professional, like those of real film makers or vlogers.
- You can insert a favorite piece of music into your video clip and its timeline will be adjusted to suit the video you want to play.
+ 30s Effect: Video editor for 3-> 30s duration videos with motion effects to create vivid and attractive videos.
With 30s Effect you can use beautiful effects, add the hottest music to your videos to create impressive videos in the duration of 3-> 30s. You can easily create beautiful videos that attract the attention of people on social networks.
- By holding to choose effects for each video piece, we guarantee your videos, after posting to Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, will be loved a lot by your friends.
+ Cut video:
- You want to split your video into several parts, or simply cut off a bad part in the video clip. The Video Editor will help you do that very simply
- Cut video and export it in HD quality
- The ratio of the exported video screen is 1: 1 which will be great for Instagram
+ Combine videos: Merge videos together
There are discrete videos which you want to put together to make a complete video. We will help you combine your discrete videos together.
- Combine multiple video clips to make one video without losing quality.
- Combine and compress your videos without losing quality.
- Professional video maker for YouTubers, Vlogers, Instagramers, Tik Tokers etc...
+ Add text to videos:
- Add text to you video with multiple sources to edit text.
- Add text to videos, edit videos with subtitles.
- Add memes and customized images.
+ Easy to share
- A HD video editor, a professional movie maker
- Customized output video resolution.
- Share social network apps like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok etc…
We are working hard to bring users a great application for users’ experience. Please enjoy and rate us 5 stars on the CH Play app store.

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