Arsenal Freestyle Show

Arsenal Freestyle Show

Version 1.0.100846
Install +100
Category Sports
Size 81 MB
Last Update 2023 February 22
Arsenal Freestyle Show

Arsenal Freestyle Show

Hermit Crab Game Studio Ltda.
Version 1.0.100846
Install +100
Category Sports
Size 81 MB
Last Update 2023 February 22
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Become a football freestyle legend by performing tricks with Arsenal stars such as Gabriel Jesus, Saka, Ødegaard, Miedema, Nobbs, Wälti, and many others, in this Official Arsenal Game!

Show off your best football freestyle moves to get new followers, meet and play alongside both male and female Arsenal stars, win in unique challenges by performing dozens of tricks, and play at iconic places in London!

* Gameplay Mechanics
- Tap at the right time to juggle: Freestyle juggles are a timing-based mechanic to challenge the freestylers' focus.
- Repeat the pattern to perform a special movement: Special movements challenge the memory of the freestyler and their speed to perform a special trick.
- Move the virtual joystick to show off your balance skills: The stall is a precise movement that challenges the freestylers' balance and quick response.

* Arsenal Stars
- Play alongside Arsenal football stars!
- Benefit from each Arsenal star’s unique skills!
- Choose carefully to get a higher score in freestyle football shows!
- Lots more help from the Arsenal stars to perform your tricks faster!
- 2022/23 Arsenal kits are available for all characters!

* Create and Customise
- Create your own character to become the best-looking football freestyle player of all time!
- Develop your character and earn attribute points to improve different skills!
- Lots of customisable items to show off your style!

* Skill Building
- Develop different skills to create your own playing style!
- Use your charisma to impress even more fans!
- Become more agile to master football tricks!
- Improve accuracy by developing your technique!
- Take control of your movements and avoid losing your balance!

* Face Your Rivals
- Clear all challenges and face rivals throughout the competition!
- Use dialogues that tell your story!
- Confront different rivals and win prizes!

An essential football game for all sports fans. Get on the field with Arsenal FC!


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