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For centuries, runes have been used to predict, make important decisions and protect. In our time, technologies have supplemented the ancient knowledge, the mobile application is more reliable than stone, wood, bone or paper. Runes have ceased to be the lot of the elect, now everyone can influence their destiny.

According to the northern tradition, the knowledge of the runes was obtained by the god Odin, who sacrificed himself for this knowledge. The legends say that One pierced himself with a sacred spear and spent nine days and nights "pinned" by him to Yggdrasil - the Tree of the World.


- A complete description of all the runes of the futhark, for each rune
     > Alternative Names
     > English Letter Equivalent
     > Translation
     > Meanings
> Characteristics
> Personal Interpretation
> Reverse
> Converse

- Runic fortune-telling
> Ways of divination on runes are many. I selected a few of them so that you could get an answer to any question interesting you, whatever it touched.

- Runescripts (Runic formulas)
     > Detailed description
     > Instructions for the application of runic formulas in various conditions.
     > Answers to frequently asked questions

- The use of individual runes as an amulet.

- Widget - "Rune of the Day"
     We are all busy people, this widget will help not forget about the daily fortune-telling "Rune of the Day", with the change of date, Rune will be selected automatically.

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