Hariotica: RPG adventure games

Hariotica: RPG adventure games

Version 1.1.0
Install <10
Category Action
Size 122 MB
Last Update 2023 February 11
Hariotica: RPG adventure games

Hariotica: RPG adventure games

Rubick Games
Version 1.1.0
Install <10
Category Action
Size 122 MB
Last Update 2023 February 11
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Hariotica is a turn based RPG and one of the newest MMORPG open world 2d games. And as with all classic MMORPG online games multiplayer characters will develop by fighting while taking their turn as with all RPG turn based games. If you like RPG fighting games, if you are fond of grinding games, you will definitely like our RPG open world combats!
With Hariotica, you explore the best of RPG role playing games!

In this open fantasy world, you will find numerous peaceful and combat locations. At the beginning of this turn based RPG, your hero will get his first equipment in the nearest castle and choose the branch of abilities that best suits his play style.
To develop your character, you need to fight with countless hordes of creatures, mercenaries, cultists, skeletons, zombies, genies, elves, and many other opponents. Once you have toughened in battle, developed your combat tactics, improved your equipment, then, teamed up with other players and challenge the fiercest bosses.

In numerous MMORPG online games multiplayer arena allows to take exciting combats for two, three, and even more heroes. In our MMORPG open world, you can have massive 5v5 battles where you can apply your best tactical strategies and maximize your role (tank, damage, support).
A combat system is in full accordance with the rules of the best RPG turn based games. Action is not the way to win the game. The key to victory is the right warfare tactics, your intuition, and cold calculation. The more magical abilities your heroes have, the more varied tactics they obtain. So, do the magic and win the battle!
The fight is counted in rounds of 30 seconds each. The player will have to predict in which zone the enemy will cause damage and block it. Up to 2 abilities can be used in each round. If the battle is massive, each round changes the enemy in a circle until one of the teams wins.
A truly impressive number of possessions will allow you to compete with other players at all stages of the game.

- 8 unique skill branches: 5 classes of warriors (Knight, Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Gladiator) and classes of mages (Fire Mage, Ice Mage, Necromancer);
- 85 playable RPG open world PvE locations;
- Over 100 unique monsters with their own characteristics and abilities for the most exciting 2D games;
- There is no power that limits the number of fights in grinding games;
- Turn-based battles. Simple yet tactically important RPG fighting games;
- 140 weapon types and 350 armor types;
- regular events that allow you to receive valuable rewards;
- Bosses and Epic bosses. Gather a team of friends or team up with random players and defeat bosses in MMORPG open world battles;
- 1v1 and 5v5 PvP arena with a personal rating divided into leagues;
- Pleasing medieval music, wonderful animations in the battles;
- Change of the selected branch of abilities for more thrilling RPG role playing games. Didn't like the class? Change it!
- Choose for yourself whose side you are on. To win the game, you need to kill the embodiment of evil - the demon Azazel, or the embodiment of good - Lord Carius, or become the legend of the Arena, having gained a rating of 10,000.

Join the ranks of MMORPG open world volunteers and take full advantage of RPG turn based games. Hone your skills in numerous grinding games Experience exciting adventures in our RPG open world 2D games. Participate in memorable MMORPG online games multiplayer battles. Take your glory in the best of all RPG role playing games. All this you will be able to experience in Hariotica - The Chronicles of Legend Hero, the greatest of all turn based RPG fighting games.

Discord: https://discord.gg/bhXQFG9DwK

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