Happy Planet - Kids Educational Game

Happy Planet - Kids Educational Game

Version 1.22
Install +50 K
Category Kids
Size 106 MB
Last Update 2024 May 6
Happy Planet - Kids Educational Game

Happy Planet - Kids Educational Game

Happy Lab
Version 1.22
Install +50 K
Category Kids
Size 106 MB
Last Update 2024 May 6
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Happy Planet is a collection of nearly 200 fun, entertaining and educational games designed specifically for kids 2 to 6 years old! These games can entertain your kid for hours and also teach them lots of new stuffs!

Currently this game supports three languages: English, Arabic and Persian. Other languages will be added in future and when we say it supports 3 languages, it means this game can be used to teach 3 different and unique languages to kids!!!

Currently there are 17 different building in this game and by entering each building, kids will experience many new games and activities such as:

- English Alphabets Building: Here kids will learn English letters, their sounds and how they are written.

- Music House: It includes a piano with different sets of sounds that can be used to compose amazing music!

- Mathematics House: Learning about different shapes, numbers and their order and how to count numbers with your fingers are just some the things that kids can learn here.

- Garage: Here you will become familiar with different kinds of vehicles using many different games like connect the dots, memory cards and etc.

- Barn: In this building kids will learn about domestic animals, their food and many other things (animals like cat, dog, hen, cow, horse, donkey, sheep, goat and etc.).

- Amusement Park: Here you can find some non-educational games that are just for fun and can also be enjoyed by older players.

- Paint Gallery: Kids can learn about different colors here and also color the available page or draw their own painting and then share it with their friends!

- Restaurant: Here kids will learn about different objects, tools that can be found in kitchen. And of course, this is where they will become familiar with different kinds of foods too!

- Clinic: Here you will learn about hospital and other medical equipment or characters.

- Barbershop: In this section kids can create their own characters and avatars and also become familiar with equipment and objects used in hair saloons or barber shops.

- Sea Animals: Here kids will learn about different marine animals and will also learn which animal lives in water and which lives on land (creatures like dolphin, whale, orca, seahorse, hippo, starfish, sea shell, jelly fish, octopus, shark and etc.).

- Home Appliances Shop: In this building, kids will become familiar with common home appliances and devices.

- Jungle: Here kids will learn about wild animals and will also learn where they live (animals like bear, tiger, lion, monkey, elephant, buffalo, deer, zebra, wolf, koala and etc.

- Bird House: Here kids will see different birds like eagle, crow, pelican, vulture, dove, duck, sparrow, parrot, woodpecker, owl and etc. and learn about their names, foods and habitats.

- Space Station: Here is where kids will learn about the solar system and its planets and their names and shapes.

- Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they are so cool that you must learn about them if you can!

- Fruit Shop: This is where kids will learn about names and shape of different fruits like mango, peach, lemon, orange, banana, apple, pineapple, cherry, grape, coconut, watermelon and etc.

As it was mentioned before, this game is designed to teach new things to kids via games and other fun activities and because of it educational nature, it can be very useful for kindergartens and schools as an educational software and tool.

This game will receive regular updates and more buildings, games, activates and subjects will be added to it.

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