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hamkarshow employment system

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What is his colleague?

His colleague's recruitment system is a comprehensive recruitment and job search solution that ultimately simplifies - free, advanced and modern - with the help of job seekers and employers, and intends to do its job in the best possible way. His colleague is serving in the form of his application and site.


✅ What services does his colleague give us job seekers?

Ability to view job advertisements

Advanced Search in Recruitment Ads

Ability to display job advertisements close to people

Weekly notifications of ads tailored to people's resumes

Ability to create a standard and free resume

Ability to create online and offline resumes simultaneously (PDF file)

Learning work rules and resume tricks and job interviews on the social network @hamkarshow

And ...


How much do we have to pay for these services?

All of his colleague's services are 100% free for job seekers.


I am an employer, can I recruit through his colleague?

Yes, more than a hundred other employers now trust their co-workers and are recruiting through their co-workers, so can you.


In which cities is his colleague most active?

His colleagues will start from Tehran and Alborz and will soon set foot in other cities, so all job seekers from all over the country can register and declare their readiness by creating a resume so that their colleagues in the province will soon be able to cover them. place.


؟ Any questions left? In the Contact Us section of the application, ask us to talk to you.

be successful and victorious.

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