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Fitness Club is the first sports club in the world of the Internet! In the fitness club, you can have a nutritionist and a personal trainer, get a diet and exercise program and get expert advice.Everyday's performance is recorded and analyzed, powered by fitting-outs and everything you need in your fitness path is best suited for you.

Target: Identify your fitness goals and priorities.

Precise planning: Get the exact schedule for your goals according to your particular circumstances.

Continuous communication: By continuously communicating with your health team in the right direction.


Facilities available at the virtual club:

Sports instructor: Get a personalized training program and specialist advice from coaches

Dietitian: Get a personalized diet and expert advice from nutritionists

Choosing a personal team: Selecting a coach and specialist nutritionist and forming your own team

Accurate and dedicated program: Proprietary planning based on your tastes, limitations and lifestyle

Communication with Fit Yar: Fit Yar, who is in touch with you through the program and guides you.

Daily Performance Reporting and Performance: Record your daily performance and keep track of your progress.

Suitable Price: Choose the most suitable service and pay the best price

Other interesting features: and other sections to increase your awareness, motivation and performance

Continuous Growth: Monthly development of the club based on your ideas and needs


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