Gheyas Shop Invoice

Gheyas Shop Invoice

Version 6.7
Install +20 K
Category Finance
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 January 20
Gheyas Shop Invoice

Gheyas Shop Invoice

Gheyas Software
Version 6.7
Install +20 K
Category Finance
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 January 20
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Gheyas shop - Abra  invoice

Ever had to go to a small store and get a simple invoice that you do not need an expensive printer, do you actually need a receipt printer with a computer or your phone? In today's business transactions, the sales invoice is one of your most important parts, the invoice is actually a receipt and has a document of goods or information services and has a legal validity in your financial system.

Due to the requirement of the Finance Organization to use the mechanized sales fund, Gheyas Software Group, after examining the needs of users and for the welfare of the customer, using the latest software technology, for the first time in Iran to design and produce the most advanced program Print sales invoices for free for business and various tasks.

Using a simple Android invoice program, you can easily use your daily, monthly and annual income to report online shopping on your invoice store.

The benefits of analogy shop

  • Permanent access
  • Ultra-simple user interface
  • Send invoice quickly for use

The main features of the Invoice Android Store app

  • Extremely easy to use to meet all the basic needs of a store
  • Define persons as customers or suppliers
  • Product defined with grouping capability
  • Barcodes for goods
  • Ability to search for goods with product code, product name or product barcode
  • Use a mobile phone camera to read the barcode of the product
  • Record and specify duties and taxes for invoices
  • Issuance of 8 cm invoice and A4 invoice
  • Invoice printing via receipt printer
  • Ability to create a backup file
  • Possibility of issuing invoices with different currency
  • Create reports in Excel and PDF format
  • Ability to send a ticket to answer your questions by the support and record keeping unit
  • Invoice sharing via email or social networks
  • Ability to define a currency
  • Show sales performance on a daily and monthly basis
  • Display charts for decision making and management strategy
  • Ability to prepare a report on the amount of purchase or sale of individuals

Ideal for business:

• Contractors, consultants

• Electrical, mechanical, piping

• Computer and technical services, car services

• Home maintenance, monitoring services, installation services

• Delivery service, design services

And other stores

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حمید رضا
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