TMBAPP (Metro Bus Barcelona)

TMBAPP (Metro Bus Barcelona)

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The TMB App is designed to put all the TMB information (Barcelona bus and metro) you need at your fingertips, wherever you are:

• Access all TMB information quickly and easily: look up routes, nearest public transport, bus due times, operating hours, maps, alerts and everything you need to know for your journeys.
• Automatic language setting according to the language you use on your device. You can change language manually as well. There are 6 languages to choose from.
• Set the home screen with the view you use most or a simple start, for those less familiar with new technology.
• If you want to enjoy personalized services, log in via your JoTMBé user or your favourite social media and save your favourite transport, places and routes to stay informed and speed up your searches from the main screens or using the widgets available on your mobile device.
• See you favourites when you log into the TMB website or your JoTMBé account.
• Purchase transport tickets.
• Select the alerts you want to receive to stay informed of disruptions to bus and metro services, developments in public and exclusive promotions of leisure and cultural activities in Barcelona.
• Use the assistant at bus stops, which gives you information on the location of the next bus of the route selected and as it approaches and stops at the bus stop, with the doors open so that the you can enter.
• The Journey planner assistant service guides you step-by-step using geolocation. It also features push notifications and sound alerts to advise you when you are approaching your bus stop or metro station.
• Contact the Customer services section for online procedures and queries.
• You can use widgets. Consult bus due times instantly, the status of public transport and do quick searches to get about using your regular routes (in the widget menu once the app is installed).
• Accumulate points by performing everyday actions and take part in promotions and contest with JoTMBé loyalty program.
• Intuitive accessible browsing thanks to Android operating system design standards.
• Direct access to the main app functions with long press technology.