Traffic Car Shooter Racing Drive Simulator

Traffic Car Shooter Racing Drive Simulator

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Have you ever been in a hurry and just wanted to shoot off all the highway racing cars that come in your way during traffic? We have all been there in heavy city traffic! We are now making all your dreams come true with this awesome car shooter driving simulator. This crazy car shooter will help you get through heavy city traffic on the highway traffic city simulator.

You can become the most epic city car shooter in town with your awesome car traffic shooter gun weapons at the side. Have you seen a car more awesome than our great gun shooter simulator car? We bet not! Why don’t you come and try this epic car drive shooting battle simulator and become the best city car shooter!

This is your chance to drive the ultimate car shooter ride simulator! You will become the next best dangerous car shooter in the city that no one would want to come in your way in the heavy city traffic! So, come on and join this epic car shooting challenge simulator! Where you get to decide which car stays and which car gets destroyed!

You can select from any car racing shooting mode that you like! You can select between highway, city, offroad or anywhere you want to drive! Make sure you hurry up and collect as many coins as you can in the car shooting drive simulator! Finish the crazy city cars that come in your way because you are the car drive shooting city champion of town!

Select your favorite super shooter car and get ready to have some driving shooter fun!
Then select your crazy racing car shooter environment.
Select the mode that you want to play in and start your traffic car shooting drive mission.
Have fun destroying shooting drive cars and anything that comes in your way.
Make sure that you save yourself from the heavy traffic and destroy all the cars that come in your way or you will lose your car shooting racing mission.
Look at the pop up message at the end and find out how well you did in your car driving shooting mission.
The easy instructions and tutorial mode will walk you through the entire car racing simulator process.
The realistic 3D graphics will make this awesome car drive shooter racing simulator seem really life like.
The awesome sound effects will enhance your car shooting driving simulator experience.
Use your crazy traffic car shooting skills to become the best traffic car shooter in town!

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