Adventure de Lost Offline Game

Adventure de Lost Offline Game

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The new & updated adventure puzzle offline game of 2020 is out now!🥳
Adventure de lost – a highly recommended offline game comprised of adventure and puzzle. This new game is one of the top free games of 2020 enriched with captivating gameplay and 3D puzzles✌️. This offline game is an addictive mind game with lots of new gameplay enriched with brain teasers💭. Solve the tricky puzzle offered in a variety of spectacular maps on an adventure island that is among the most popular games.
This free game has a very simple user-friendly interface with some action-packed tricky escapes that makes this game the best 3D puzzle games of 2020. This top free game has some tricky hurdles that are not easy to escape without proper mind game strategy.

What’s inside?🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️
💎 It’s Free! Offline game
💎 Well-crafted brain-busting puzzle
💎 Colorful and vivid HD graphics
💎 Lightning Fast addictive game-play
💎 100+ Challenging Puzzles
💎 Multiple game environment
💎 Find the hidden treasure
💎 Perfectly design for all ages

This adventure puzzle game is based on simple gameplay but it will take time to be the master of the trending games. This new puzzle game is easy at the beginning but as you progress, then each level demands a new strategy to escape from the hurdles of adventure island. The new offline games offer minimalist aesthetics, a responsive soundtrack, where controls are very simple. Tap & swipe to control the character to reach the treasure makes him the top free puzzle games.

This puzzle game has more than 100 levels of the adventurous puzzle. Each puzzle game level takes only a few minutes but it’s really satisfying to start your day with the top free game of 2020. The ultimate goal of mind game is to find the lost treasure while escaping from traps in the offline games of 2020. Choose your move wisely and reach the treasure in the minimum time period. It is a free offline game but to get maximum out of it you can remove ads by in apps.
This popular casual game looks simple; however, it is much more than that. In this game, things start very easily before gradually presenting a more complex puzzle. In this action-puzzle games you have to move through deadly hurdles until you reach the treasure. This new game has stunning maps with spectacular locations and visuals in the best offline game of 2020. The top free game won't let find the treasure easily, this game is restricted by time and move and you have to be very wise in this casual game.
In this new offline gameplay has very unique and stylized gameplay that is mind relaxing for people from all walks of life. This new game is perfect to enhance your mental capability while having satisfying visuals of this trending top free puzzle game.

The new & updated gameplay with tough escape is highly addictive and once you start playing there is no way back in this mind games. This new offline puzzle games have several levels where each one has an astonishing puzzle to solve in the new game 2020.

Exciting Gameplay:✨💫
The gameplay is comprised of multiple riddles and mechanized puzzles. The way forward is very simple, you have to follow the path with a limited number of moves. There will be hurdles to give you a challenge and block your way. All you have to do is find a switch, it could be a lever or a pressure plate depicting the same color. Avoid hitting blades and look for the spikes in the ground. The way is very dangerous with fierce wild beasts waiting for you to take one wrong step.
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