Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission

Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission

نسخه ۱.۹
نصب فعال

Play this exciting Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission action adventure simulator game. Enjoy adventurous & challenging game play to feel a hard time prison escape spy secret missions. Complete the prison escape mission and make the best jailbreak story of all time. You have been locked up in a highly secure prison for the past few years. It's time to show your survival skills and escape from prison. Watchfully perform breath taking escape mission from jail because guards wing are watching in passages. In this unique prison escape stealth survival mission recognize the lockout and breakout tricks under high security of jail. Enjoy the free survival city prison breakthrough escape plan game and leave the prison as soon as possible to become the ultimate survivor of the massive criminal escape plan. Organize your master escape plan for safer departure by using tactical mission in this escape game. So that guard and police officers in this prison escape game do not catch you. It’s difficult to lock-down in the jail harsh condition. This time escaping is not about you but about your child hood friend imprisoned in the most secured jail of all. Be careful about each move as Alcatraz jail has many sensitive areas monitored by CCTV cameras, laser lights, deadly trained police dogs and patrolling jail cops. Any wrong move would get you immediately. Download this game now on android store and find the way out from prisoner jail to become real hero in this Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission.

Intense survival & escape from high alert prison begins in this Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission, story begins when police bus came and drops prison in the city jail. Prisoners than go to warden submit their stuff and change their clothes. While showering some the prisoner’s gang attack on you save yourself in stealth fighting mission and show your extreme fighting skills, survival and escape the room is tough in this Alcatraz jail. Police grab Alex with prisoner wings and take him for punishment and ask them to clean the washrooms. Alex than go for lunch in cafeteria where he attack by that gang wing once again hard time fight begin, fight for your survival in this prison escape game. Alex than went to their boss for negotiation, but he ask Alex to work for him supply different stuff in the jail and spray graffiti at lockers and no one in this jail will trouble him in the future. Than Alex join that gang underworld boss gives Alex killing their rival in jail and dispose his body. After that Alex has to steal police cops teaser gun and use his weapons for survival in the jail. Plot your escape against security guards wings in nighttime, guards are patrolling be careful kill the guards in this Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission. Carefully escaping the prison because there are cameras all over in the terrifying Alcatraz jail. Breakout the prison safely in this Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission safely, Take your revenge from guards and enjoy this Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission. Save yourself from police attacks. Crawls safely kill the enemies for your survival. Steal car from parking; walk out of that dead jail safely in this Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission.

Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission Features
Execute Harsh Escape Plan Missions to Perform Prison Escape Mission
Amazing 3D Prison Escape Stealth Survival Game Environment
Easy & Smooth Controls to Freely Roam in Alcatraz Jail
Hard Time Survival against Police Duty Cops in City Jail
Challenging Survival Escape Missions to Complete Escape Plan
Use Punch, Kicks, Special Attacks & Teaser Guns to Fight against Enemy
Fight with Jail Security Guards Wing in Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission

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