Pet Cat Endless Run

Pet Cat Endless Run

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Pet cat endless run game started. Pet hero, cat rush with fast speed game in android!
Endless runner adventure of cat run. Experience the best cat runner game in the subway or bus scene with your friends.
Run, jump and have fun with cat runner. Dash as fast as you can with fast speed, only rushing could be the winner.

Play infinite runner and save your gold back! Discover new city. Run as fast you can in the city themed road as cat to get the gold. Dodge fast cars, running mouse and other obstacle will adding the danger in the adventure running.

There are many missions to get, after competing task, you will get gold. Trash cat, safety, party hat proofs will help your get running far. magnet, 2 scores multiplayer, and invincible, life are all important to you. Explore different worlds in a single run by passing through streets and subway tunnels

Talking Cat - Kitty Run Features:
1. Cat endless run game
2. Free to play in android
3. Drag left & right to collect coins
4. Dodge & avoid the oncoming subway obstacles
5. Magnets can help you collect coins.
6. Colorful HD graphics
7. Multi colored environment
8. Lots of obstacle-dodging fun

Talking Cat - Kitty Run is a cat runner game in gold run mode. Addictive fun car runner game.

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