Dinosaur Simulator: City Battleground

Dinosaur Simulator: City Battleground

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Wild dinosaur from deepest dino safari jungle is on ultimate rampage for survival in 3D fantasy city in Dinosaur Simulator: City Battleground. Wild dinosaur t-rex city attack is all about fierce predator town rampage in dinosaur sim 2019. In dinosaur attack battleground, choose your favorite species of prehistoric angry dinosaurs like tyrannosaurs rex, t-rex stegosaurus, Raptor, Spinosaurus, flying raptor and many more. In dinosaur games 2019 terrorize whole city with you anger which cause mess, wreck, destruction, rampage, demolish, smash all interactive and also citizens. Army tanks, police gun shooters and police helicopters are ready to chase and kill gigantic dino on dinosaur city attack spot in new dinosaur simulator game which is not about dinosaur vs dinosaur fighting games.

Terrifying Dinosaur Human Eater
For ultimate dinosaur survival in dinosaur simulators 2019, play as real Tyrannosaurus Rex and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Evolve your dinosaur to dominate the battleground simulator world in wild dinosaur games 2019. Start distressing things in grand city, they can feel your presence and can smell, so don't make noises when you're ready to hunt them! In Dinosaur games simulator of 2019 enjoy the cinematic cut scenes showcasing the savage bites, claws and sharp teeth in dinosaur simulator city battleground 2019. Smooth animations and of course the realistic sound effects make you want to play this 3D sim game more and more without noticing the time.

Finish EM!
For ultimate survival of dinosaur or t-rex start city destruction and destroy everything including buildings, vehicles, army tanks and everything which comes in your sight in dinosaur city fighting game. Dinosaur games simulator bunch on other dinos, wreak havoc and hunt down your targets in this immersive game. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be real Tyrannosaurus? Crazy dino in city is a real city battle but this is best dinosaur simulation packed with nonstop action of dinosaur world attacking instincts, wild beasts, herbivores and carnivores. It's a dino city attack, bloodthirsty dinosaur smash down the cities with its claws and sharp teeth.

Top Features in Dinosaur Simulator: City Battleground

• Experience what it feels like to be a real dinosaur.
• Many city battle, fighting with army shooters & police vs dinosaur fighting missions.
• Realistic dinosaur games simulator.
• An absolute treat for the lovers of dinosaur vs dinosaur fighting games.
• Vibrant gameplay & amazing 3D graphics.
• Realistic animated dinosaurs in dinosaur fighting game.
• Multiple levels of challenging & adventure gameplay.

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