Horse Taxi City School Transport Pro

Horse Taxi City School Transport Pro

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Horse Taxi City School Transport Pro is an amazing horse game with the best high school kids transport challenge. In this offroad horse taxi game 2019, you will play as a horse transporter. Give Pick and drop services to school kids on the horseback and transport tourists as well as city passenger with a royal horse cart and horse carriages. In Horse taxi School city transport pro game 2019 be the best horse rider and amaze the passengers with your real horse riding, horse racing & horse pickup services. Prepare your school horse taxi and choose the farming horse from the horse cottage to complete the kid’s school transport services. Be the best preschool coach rider and complete horse travel and summer school transportation drivers’ missions within time limits. Get ready to play horse jockey new trending city horse game 2019 get the best rewards by using your horse as a Victorian-era taxi passenger coach. This summer school horse rider’s service brings you the best experience of driving the offroad taxi and royal chariot in the city. Also get ready to enjoy racing with horse and enjoy as a racing manager as well as trainer. Purchase horse from the horse farm and play a best open world game in ultimate atmosphere of horses.
The gameplay of this new horse transporter 2019 is very unique and interesting. You have to control horse buggy and mounting coach horse carts among the city traffic and Offroad Mountain tracks. Drive your horse carriages to school kids pick all the kids from a virtual house in the carriage and move towards the school. Park horse taxi in a multistory parking plaza near the school and drop the kids within school time to their school stop next to the door. In this real horse simulator game, you will also experience to transport kids virtual parents from home to school and school to home.
While during the school time one of the school gets on fire and kids are in trouble the city rescue team getting late from the site. So it’s now your responsibility to rescue kids from the fire with your hero horse. Ride on the horseback and jump into the fire like a superhero. Give your maximum services to solve this preschool rescue mission. So starts your vr horse adventure and share your ultimate story among friends. Start this new riding transport adventure and complete respective missions to go to the next horse destination.
In horse transport pro game you will have to enjoy an amazing old English era graphical environment and modern transport graphics. Control buggy & horse while chasing the destination through the city horizon to offroad traffic because if you failed to complete any transport challenge you will be unable to reach next challenges. To complete the mission within time limits and according to requirements to bring maximum rewards into the rider valet to unlock new buggies and decorated carts. So best of luck and complete the horizon horse taxi summer school missions and share your best trending game experience with your friends and tell them this new arcade adventure gameplay.

- Free to play taxi horse game 2019
- Pick and drop kids from school to home
- Control the horse with your horse riding & horse racing skills
- There is a variety of royal horse buggy in the cottage choose the best one to ride
- Amazing horse taxi graphics with smooth horse cart controls
- Best horse taxi sounds effects

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