Formula Car Racing – Police Chase Game

Formula Car Racing – Police Chase Game

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Do you like formula car racing games? Can you drive the formula car as fast as possible and escape
the police cars? If your answer is yes, then download formula car racing – police chase game for free!
the perfect formula car 3D driving simulator is ready for you now!
Formula car racing – police chase game is one of the most addictive gameplay of formula car racing 2019
games, with superb graphics and good interaction design. It’s the best way to kill time, it will take you through
a realistic formula e car racing game for an amazing 3D simulation experience. Take a break from your work
and refresh your brain in this light formula racing game! You’re going to love it!
Formula car racing – police chase game is different from other formula cars racing editors choice and
formula car racing infinity games in that it combines one of the best city sports formula car chase simulator
and high quality of graphics and damage effects to raise the adrenaline levels. Drive fast and dodge the police
car to win the chase against the cop cars!
If you like the ultimate formula car simulator, try it completely for free and right now! be a professional
formula car driver and show your driving skills by avoiding police cars! Or they will catch you! The top speed is
very important Feel the adrenaline rush and beat the police!
Why you have to download and install formula car racing – police chase game on your android Smartphone
or tablet instead of others Formula robot car transformation or formula cars parking games?
• ✓ Formula Car Racing – Police Chase Game is simplistic and very easy to use, with dynamic gameplay and
native sport car driving controls!
• ✓ Formula Car Racing – Police Chase Game is a huge world environment for driving and trying the formula
race experience!
• ✓ Formula Car Racing – Police Chase Game provides 3 realistic formula cars with high quality graphics and

• How to play? •
- Choose the formula car you want.
- Both touch and tilt to control the formula cars!
- Drive as fast as you can to escape the police.

• Features •
◆ Police Car damage effects
◆ 3 amazing formula car.
◆ Stunning HD graphics
◆ Huge world environments
◆ Tablet support and full HD support.
◆ Simplistic, easy to use sports car driving controls, both touch and tilt!
◆ Realistic police car and street racing car.
◆ Drifting skills.
Amazing ramps.
Let’s download Formula Car Racing – Police Chase Game and enjoy this addictive hot pursuit formula
simulator game.
We are always striving to provide the best user experience for our players. We are also looking for your
feedback, suggestion or recommendation.
Please, feel free to email us at and let us know from you so we can continue to
bring you the best experiences and updates!

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