Fun Time

Fun Time

Version 3.0
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Fun-time entertainment program

There's no need to get the latest educational information, entertainment, news, and knowledge is enough time to devote to search and install this app so you can access all the information you need. The Ahar day dozens of useful new entry is added to the program.

The program consists of 18 thematic categories, which include:

Cooking - SMS - Internet - Bio - Religion - Education - Health - Culture and Arts - Movies - PC - E-mail - Photo Gallery - News - Fashion and beauty - Sounds - Music - Sports - travel

You can also program the internal browser either disable Categories

Some of the features of the program:

* Has three shells:

Clear skins - dark skin (perfect for reading at night) - black shell (enabled by default)

* Automatic updating of content (every 15 minutes) and receiving alerts

You can also click "update is now" too!

* Change the type Layout View Contents

Includes: Table - Tiles - Lists - List of Cards - magazine

* Change the type Ordering

Read or not - Date - Title

* Ability to share content

Sharing content on-line and cable - SMS - bluetooth and ...

* Change text size content

* Translating into other languages

* Remove Content

* Ability to Search the Blog

* Ability to perform settings for the display

* Ability to perform settings for storing messages

* Ability to perform notification settings

* Ability to send feedback

* Ability to turn over materials related to a category

It should be noted that since the initial launch of the program depends on your Internet speed.

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