Post Maker - Fancy Text Art

Post Maker - Fancy Text Art

Version 1.16
Install +5 K
Category Entertainment
Size 14 MB
Last Update 2023 August 22
Post Maker - Fancy Text Art

Post Maker - Fancy Text Art

Version 1.16
Install +5 K
Category Entertainment
Size 14 MB
Last Update 2023 August 22
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Post Maker makes your Post, message, and Photo stylish and impressive on Photo. Poster Maker App uses awesome backgrounds and lets you put your thoughts on them. Add text to your photos or select one of the many available colored, backgrounds, color photo backgrounds. The app allows you to add incredible text effects quickly and easily and share your work on your favorite social app. Post Maker's amazing poster creator makes your photographs look very different and attractive by not just adding text but also allowing you to customize the text.

Poster Maker and Post Maker Features:
👉 Multi-languages supported.
👉 Multi-color for text and backgrounds.
👉 Design Posters with/without a background photo.
👉 Over a huge collection of backgrounds and templates.
👉 Custom art: You can use any Image from your gallery.
👉 Different text fonts,s including calligraphic fonts.
👉 Image Cropping facility, Easily Adjust Text on Photos.
👉 Shade and Stroke of text and their color.
👉 Modify Line space and Letter space.
👉 Outline the color for text according to your choice.
👉 Adjust Text Size and color from the color library.
👉 Rotate text over the x-axis, y-axis, and 360-degree z-axis.
👉 Allow text arrangement to be possible left, right, and center.
👉 No watermarks on images and no logo during creation.
👉 Your Designed Post Art can be saved or shared.
👉 Designed posts saved in SD-Card as "PosterArt" folder.
👉 Smart Gallery Includes Your Designed Posts.
👉 Create square images to fit the profile photo for Facebook, WhatsApp, or post.

Post Maker Art Design your photo and cover major Area:
✔ In the University, College, School, or the unemployment line on Photo.
✔ Any place to recommend these memes to friends in funny situations is good.
✔ Use the app Post for social media, advertising, Photo editing, and designing.
✔ Allows to create memes with a photo gallery or camera and laugh for fun.
✔ Quranic verses posts, Al-hadith posts, quotes
✔ Eid greeting cards, Invitation cards, Valentine's Day cards
✔ Wallpapers, Signature maker, Ad campaign, and advertisement.
✔ Poetry posts, Funny posts, creating memes and jokes, and love letters.

How to use:
1. Use the Edit Text box. Enter the text for send or poster.
2. Select the Built-in Design that you like for the background.
3: Change the color of the new design (text. text background, or background).
4. Change the text style of the design by changing the font from those available.
5. Set a cool background (built-in textures, solid color, or a custom image).
6. Change other layout settings: margins, aspect ratio, alignment, and save. Done

Fonts used: All the fonts used in the app comply with the following open license: If the owner of any fonts included in the app wants to remove them, send us an email, and we will do it as soon as possible. The app is in the development phase; new features are added in new versions.
Share Your Art and Post Maker app with your friends and enjoy designing it.

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