Offline English Dictionary

Offline English Dictionary

Version 1.26
Install +500
Category Education
Size 29 MB
Last Update 2023 August 22
Offline English Dictionary

Offline English Dictionary

Version 1.26
Install +500
Category Education
Size 29 MB
Last Update 2023 August 22
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Are you waiting for an offline advanced dictionary? There are thousands of dictionary apps you can find on the Play Store, but "offline Advanced English Dictionary" is the leading and user-trusted English dictionary. You can download it now. The Offline English Dictionary is a free offline dictionary (with definitions). The Advanced English Dictionary contains 400,000+ words with free multilingual online and offline translator apps. If you are studying English or learning English and you want to know the meaning of words, this app has a huge offline database of English words and English learning modules, so no matter where you are, you can search and find the meanings of your respective words. It is a 100% free and complete offline English dictionary. There is auto suggestion, so you do need to type full words. You can also enter a word using the speech to text feature.

English to English Dictionary – The app is it find meanings of English in English with full details.
Learn English Grammar - Added Learning English Module with a detailed organized course. 
Offline Translator Apps - Translate whole paragraph to any language that you want using this Translator app (with translate offline feature).

Features of the Dictionary:
✔️ Added eight Offline Dictionaries.
✔️ Added Online Dictionary.
✔️ More than 400,000+ Words with Meanings and Examples.
✔️ Free Multilingual paragraph Translator (with translate offline feature) from any language.
✔️ Detailed word Definitions Dictionary.
✔️ Antonyms Dictionary (Opposite words).
✔️ Synonyms Dictionary (Same words).
✔️ Nearby Word (Related words).
✔️ Hyponym (More Specific Meaning).
✔️ Hypernym (Broad Meaning).
✔️ Enter Word from your Voice.
✔️ No internet connection required (for dictionary).
✔️ Fully Offline Dictionary.
✔️ Auto show Daily “Word of the Day” (Random words).
✔️ Auto Suggestion Word for Searching.
✔️ Pronounce Words and Voice Search.
✔️ British & American English Speaking Words.
✔️ Maintain History and Favorite word.
✔️ Easily Share, Copy Words or Definition.
✔️ Added English Learning feature.
✔️ Added English Grammar and English Tenses.
✔️ Grammar Basic, Practice, Vocabulary, Phrasal Verbs.
✔️ Commonly Confused Words, English Idioms.
✔️ Speaking Section, Reading Section, Writing Section.
✔️ Take a quiz to understand what you learned from topics.
✔️ Added MCQs Quizzes related to English Learning.
✔️ More then 100 of topic of English is added.
✔️ Added translate offline and OCR feature.
✔️ Scan and translate any Image (contain text).
✔️ Read and translate any Text (using share feature).

It’s the best offline advanced English dictionary and translator app for students, teachers, professionals, travelers, learners, kids, boys, girls, businessmen, and players.

• English Dictionary app is free and has some minor ads, so you will not need to worry about that.
• The Dictionary App is already in the development phase. In case of any problem, please contact us and send us an e-mail and briefly describe the problem.

Internet permission: is required for text translation, for online dictionary, and ads which are supported by trusted vendors.
Mic permission: is required for voice dictation feature.
Storage permission: is required for read image and text file and then translate.

Learning English and Share English Dictionary app with your friends.

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اوکی بود خوب
اوکی بود خوب
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