khavase mive ha

khavase mive ha

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Fruits properties

Variety of fruits with a variety of their property in the properties of fruits!

From now on you want to eat any fruit that I had locked his property See more pleasure to eat it!

This video effects app beauty that makes the user's job to keep him fed him and convenience anymore!

Fruits are a healthy lot of properties and can be used to prevent or treat diseases also be used.

English proverb that says eat an apple every day so you do not need a doctor.
Yes! that is right!
If we know that fruits have what properties are better than we use. The software is a free version of Fruit are a number of properties.

If you want to locate your pain and know what is good for its fruit, come with us.

In this app you're familiar with the medicinal properties of various fruits.

Some features of the program:
✔ Ability to share a simple, attractive ✔ ✔ Excellent graphics and nice and smooth
✔ ✔ to select the appropriate program content as favorite
✔ ✔ allows the user to display a list of favorites Search in content
✔ choice of fonts as well as font size change easily and for better readability

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