Miami Gangsters Crime Simulator

Miami Gangsters Crime Simulator

نسخه ۱.۳
نصب فعال

Miami Gangsters Crime Simulator is a realistic simulator of fighting and starting wars for gangs in the street of Miami. This game takes you in to the dangers of being a real life criminal thug who has to survive to win and eliminate his foes and become top crime gang of the world . This game has really exciting and challenging mission which will test your shooting and running abilities and increase your skill to the maximum. So be a real life gangster thug and shoot down your enemies and earn rewards and unlock a supreme variety of gun that will help you carry out gang shootout.

Game Features:
1) 3D Graphics.
2) Smooth controls.
3) Challenging Levels.

Please feel free to send us any suggestions that would help us improve the game. Thank You!

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