World Radio - Global News Broadcast, FM

World Radio - Global News Broadcast, FM

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Radio stations all over the world are on your mobile phone, but you don't know it. Download World Radio, you will get a different listening experience! Let our app spend your leisure time with you! 📻📻📻

💫 Smooth background playback.
💫 Listen to over 30,000 radio stations worldwide.
💫 Set the sleep timer in the World Radio and the application will do the rest for you. It will automatically turn off the broadcast at the time you set it.
💫 Sort the stations by type, subject, city, country, or top 100, then find the song that is playing.
💫 Save your favorite radio or song and get personal recommendations for your own music. The collection is accessible through websites and apps.
💫 Quick notification control stops/starts the broadcast stream from the main screen.

Come and download World Radio now! You will enjoy it! 🧐🧐🧐

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