Soccar :  2 - 4 Players

Soccar : 2 - 4 Players

نسخه ۱.۲۳
نصب فعال

Soccar is a local multiplayer game, where football meets crazy drivers!
By truck or by tank, push the ennemy team away and let your friend bring the ball to the goal ! Cooperation and strategy are the only keys of the victory ! The 6 amazing vehicles are enough to build a real stategy of attack : Sedan ? Race car ? Tank ? Truck ? Choose your most adaptated vehicle and drive to the victory. This game will be often updated on the content so stay tuned ! As our type of thinking is to listen the player, we'll be happy to know your disappointments, your cheerings and even your ideas, in order to improve this game :) Have fun with Soccar: 2 - 4 Players Car Soccer !

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