Flying LARVA

Flying LARVA

Version 1.4.0
Install +2 K
Category Casual
Size 85 MB
Last Update 2020 July 16
Flying LARVA

Flying LARVA

Version 1.4.0
Install +2 K
Category Casual
Size 85 MB
Last Update 2020 July 16
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Introducing an addictive one touch jumping game!
Compete with your friends to see who can reach higher using the globally popular Larva character.

★ Feel the thrills by avoiding various obstacles with one touch jumps.

★ Consume sausages, obtain coins and challenge for higher floors. Become invincible to destroy all oncoming obstacles!

★ Don’t be sad if you fail your mission early! Various perks are available to help you continue with your mission!

★ Various type of game modes and new larva characters will be available continuously on future updates!

[ 1.2 Update ]

New Point System
- Stop stressing to get to high floor! Compete with higher score from now on.
- Your every action will affect your score.
- YES Combo is activated when you evade an obstacle just before you get hit.
- Get higher score by completing challenges. Your points are multiplied!

New Mode
- Play the Larva Episodes.
- Get Star Points and experience various stages.
- Play various events and get great rewards!

New Characters and Skills
- RED: Floor Point Bonus is newly added!
- RAINBOW: Fever Gauge is filled by certain amount every second.
- MAYFLY: Resurrect up to 3 times!
- CPT. PIRATE: Destroy obstacles after every certain period!
- IVORY: Bonus YES Combo points!
- VIOLET: Start the game with Ultra Fly!
- COCOA : Convert obstacles into coins after every certain period!
Mission & Quest
- Get reward for satisfying certain mission or quest requirements.

- Minor bugs fixed
- Miscellaneous UX/UI fixed

■■Permission Request■■
For better game play experience, Flying Larva may request permission to:

1. Required Permission
■ Access Photos, Media, Files
: For the purpose of gameplay data storage and access.

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