Flash Alert on Call and SMS

Flash Alert on Call and SMS

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Brand new app for your phone - Flash Alert on Call and SMS – Now you can see the blinking flash light alert notifications when your phone rings. The flashlight will blink when mobile phone receives a call, message or notification of all apps. Wait no more - Download and try blinking call alerts and SMS alerts with flash on call and flash on SMS. Great and useful flash on call app easy to use. See flash alerts every time you get call, SMS and other notifications. Every time when you get a call or other notification LED light of your camera will start blinking. Make sure you don't miss any call when you are in a dark place, party or in a meeting where you are not able to hear ringtones or vibration alerts. When you receive a call or a new text message, the flash light will blink!

“Flash Alert on Call and SMS” features:

🔦 Use Flash Alert on Call and SMS and blink flash alerts for all notification:
✨ incoming call
✨ incoming message
✨ incoming call and incoming message

🔦 Enable Flash Alert on Call and SMS for each mode:
✨ normal mode
✨ vibrate mode
✨ silent mode

🔦 Enable Flash Alert on Call and SMS for the selected period of time:
✨ Set flash alerts START TIME for call alert and SMS alert notifications.
✨ Set flash alerts END TIME for call alert and SMS alert notifications.

🔦 Disable Flash Alert on Call and SMS to save battery:
✨ Turn off flash alerts when battery is below 10% for example.

With this fabulous flash alerts app, get flash text notification and “flash alerts” for all apps. Set flash alerts on call and SMS to know that you are getting a call or other notification especially when your phone is silent or when you are in some noisy place. Get the brightest LED flash notification light alerts on every notification!

Unlimited 💡 Flash Alert on Call and SMS💡 App will use camera flash to make blinking effects while your phone is ringing or new message notification is received. Get notified in flash alert for call and texts or SMS easily. You won't miss any phone call or SMS even when mobile phone is in vibrate or silent mode. You can save the phone's battery by disabling “flash light” automatically when the phone's battery is low.

Amazing flash on call and SMS alert free app very useful when you don't want to hear ringtones or vibration. Be notified by led flashlight alerts with blinking. With this flash alert app you can get ringing flesh alerts for call and message!

Flashing light notification for all app is for people who are always busy in meetings or working in hospitals or for people who like to party and loud music. Download and set ringtone flash alerts on call and SMS for free. Blinking light notification will remind you to answer the phone or to read the message.

It's high time to put phone notifications under your control! 💡 Flash Alert on Call and SMS 💡 allows you to customize blinking flash light alerts so you'll never forget to answer a phone call, text message or any other notification. When you are at some dark or loud place or if your phone's on silent mode, you'll still know who's calling you or who is texting to you. Just download this fantastic led torch “notification light” app for free and set flash notification for all!

Led flash notification light for Android™ phones will lighten up everything around you. Follow the latest trends and let your phone blink notification light on screen. Download message “light notification” and led flash alert for all.

Incoming call flash alert light will remind you to answer the phone!

Ultimate Flash alert messanger is useful app to notify you when you receive a phone call, text message & any other notification with the blink of the flashlight. Make your smartphone sound wonderful with ring flash alert with flash and sound.

Flash alert pro app is easy to use! Led notification light will blink every time your phone rings! Try flash alert for Android™ free!

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