German Verbs Pro

German Verbs Pro

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Learn you German Verbs and Verb conjugations now! Learning German verbs and their respective conjugations has been hard and frustrating until now. With this free application, you can learn over 1001+ german verbs with their definitions, conjugations and more!

* Learn verbs with the Leitner Flashcard System!
* Full Conjugations
* Verb definitions
* Search Verbs
* Speech Enabled
* Save to Favorites
* Random Mode
* Swipe for next Verb
* Desktop Widget
* Verb Conjugations cross referenced with Verbix for correctness!

Practice for German learners and students of all levels.

FOR SPEECH PRONUNCIATION PROBLEMS: Please, if the speech does not sound right, your phone is probably configured to speak only in English. Please follow the instructions here: to improve the speech.

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