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Why fish can cause health effects?

How to treat sick fish?

Why aqua green?

Why aquarium water will become cloudy?

Aquarium water must be replaced from time to time?

Should be replaced aquarium water completely or just some of it?

Or hundreds of other questions

* Answer all the questions in this app are available.


* Striking all the friends, to see pictures of fish for the first time must be connected to the Internet.

Changes in the second version:

1) Reduce the size of 23 MB to 800 KB software (22 MB Reduced Size)
2) adding 8 new fish (1 Gourami kisser, 2. Gourami marble, 3. Golden Gourami, Gourami sound 4. construction, 5. Black Piranha, 6. Surman green, red spotted 7.svrm, 8. Surman red shoulder )
3) providing access to the Internet to display the Photo Fish from the server
4) Fix some bugs as much a part
5) Change in how to display photos, buttons and how to exit the program

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