Amazing Facts - Did You Know That?

Amazing Facts - Did You Know That?

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In this app there are all kinds of true and amazing facts that you may not know. The facts are in different categories, such as science, environment, history, astronomy, plants, psychology, animals, biology, economy, nature, geography, etc. They are all interesting and you may be surprised by them. With this app you can learn a lot of new facts and get smarter. The facts are like the followings, did you know that:

★ A fish never closes its eyes.
★ The shark has to keep moving to stay alive.
★ One pound of tea can make 300 cups of the beverage
★ Giraffes are unable to cough.

Are the above facts amazing and interesting? Just try this app and learn them.

Key Features:
★ Facts in different categories for you to choose
★ Learn general knowledge with amazing, strange, funny and cool facts.
★ Easily share facts that you like via SMS, Facebook, and Whatsapp, etc.
★ Daily did you know: recommend interesting facts for you each day.


★ Celebrities
★ Interesting
★ Science
★ Statistics
★ World Records
★ Human Body
★ Nature
★ Sex
★ Strange Laws
★ Environment
★ History
★ Astronomy
★ Physics/Chemistry
★ Psychology
★ Plants
★ Language
★ Geography
★ Math
★ Animals
★ Biology
★ Art/Media
★ Economy

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