Runic Formulas - Book of Runes, Bindrunes, Amulets

Runic Formulas - Book of Runes, Bindrunes, Amulets

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Ancient signs that Scandinavian gods gave to us, able not only to predict the future or look into the past but also to heal, to help and to destroy. In this app, you will find a huge collection of Nordic runes talismans, magic formulas, and amulets + meanings that help you to fulfill your plans. Also, the app contains a collection of galdrastafir's, glyphs, sigils and bind runes.

In this Runecraft app:
● Runic talismans, formulas, and amulets for every day
● Bind runes and Galdrastafirs
● Full description of each rune from Elder Futhark
● All data is categorized
● Ability to create your own runes formula
● Widget, to put created rune on the screen
● Tutorial with a description of small Wicca ritual

Obviously, runes are part of the pagan world. But what to do, if you are not? Nothing. No need to be pagan to use it. Runes are ancient sigils what old Norse peoples used for writing and magic. Runes are the Odin gift to all peoples on the Midgard.

All the magic formulas can be used not only for talismans but also for the magical practice. In the right hands and with right pronounce of the result you can achieve an amazing result. But still, runes are part of pagan culture, so for bigger power of your spell, you may ask help from Norse gods. Our world is old and every man has his own ancient pagan roots.

If you are a follower of the Wiccan culture, you can improve the power of your tools and rituals using the power of runes. Also, you can use Wicca rituals for activation of runic formulas and bind runes. Wicca, same as runes, are the pagan culture.

Use the rune talismans and amulets with caution, because as the old saying goes: "Big power - it is a big responsibility."