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Fancy Blast

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Welcome to Fancy Blast, an exciting new Match-3 game!

Come visit fairytale worlds such as the Forest Realm of Little Red Riding Hood, the Pirates & Fairies Realm, and Little Mermaid in the Underwater Kingdom. Help Aurora find all the pieces of magical buildings in unique Match-3 levels!
Create a Hot Air Balloon, a Pirate Ship, a Palace of Hearts, the Snow Queen's Throne and many more!

Fancy Blast is a free app, but you can purchase certain in-game elements for real money. The purchase option can be disabled by turning off the function for built-in purchases in your device settings.


* Hundreds of new Match-3 levels
* Dozens of fairytale worlds with unique characters
* Surprising plot twists
* Huge number of exciting quests
* Secret episode available for a limited period of time
* Play with your friends
* New types of Match-3 levels
Magic flower - collect all the watering cans to water the magic flower
Flower buds - grow and collect dozens of beautiful flowers by making matches next to them
Stamps - find all the hidden stamps by breaking the sand plates above them
Fairy tale relics - collect all the pieces of the magical relics and put them into sacks
Frozen flowers - make matches near the frozen flowers to unfreeze them
Enchanted flower - collect magic wands to disenchant the flower
Magic pots - break them to free the Knitsters!
Knitsters - take magic keys from them to get a prize from a chest
Pots of honey - clear the field of honey by making matches next to honey and honey pots

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