Cloud Storage: Cloud Drive App

Cloud Storage: Cloud Drive App

Version 1.5.9
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 20 MB
Last Update 2023 May 18
Cloud Storage: Cloud Drive App

Cloud Storage: Cloud Drive App

Fazcon Apps
Version 1.5.9
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 20 MB
Last Update 2023 May 18
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Cloud Storage- Cloud drive App is a free storage application.

- That offers free cloud service for photo storage, contacts backup, and video storage.

- A cloud free storage to back up your data in few easy steps.

- Using free cloud storage services, You can save extra free space storage.

- Get upto 100 GB of storage with no cost with cloud app.

Get extra storage by creating a backup of data and files in the Cloud storage- cloud drive app . Cloud storage of our “ Backup Cloud” comes with free 100 GB storage, that includes photo storage, contacts backup and extra space storage. It is a cloud app where you can backup data on cloud storage and save file storage, so then users can get extra storage on their device.

Cloud Storage- Cloud backup has Photo storage feature of the app stores your data securely on cloud service. Files that we store on the cloud backup are kept in encrypted form . Users can easily create login ID to access their files storage and contacts backup on the cloud storage. Users can utilize cloud free storage feature to backup and restore for video storage and photo storage.

More Storage for Phone backup

Get extra space storage with the cloud storage & cloud drive app. Cloud storage sync feature will secure your contacts backup, photo storage and easy backup of your files. Export contacts from the cloud storage so that your data will be removed from the servers of our Backup and Restore. With our cloud app, you don’t need to worry about photo storage or video storage anymore. We provide more storage as 100 GB cloud storage that makes easy backup data.

File Storage- Backup Cloud

Free Cloud storage app is designed to backup all forms of data to get extra space storage. Upload on File storage and cloud backup. Cloud Storage app comes with secure contacts backup, photo storage, video storage and SMS Backup and Restore. With the help of photo backup, you can easily access all your cloud data anywhere from any device. Cloud storage help you restore apps and contacts backup. Backup and restore, cloud storage app lets you to create extra space storage in your device, by uploading files on photo backup. Cloud free storage of 100 GB is more than enough for photo storage.

Your Easy Backup Assistant

Easy Backup your files on cloud and transfer my data for extra space storage with the backup assistant. Cloud service app will create extra space storage for files on your device storage. Backup all contacts on cloud storage so then you can export contacts later. Backup and contacts assistant help users to backup all files on a cloud app and gets extra storage on local device. Get more storage with the data backup facility of this cloud storage. Furthermore, you can use smart backup assistant as cloud storage, contacts backup and to backup data.

Secure Cloud Backup

Cloud storage app provides you best security for all your files and data that is stored on our servers. Cloud storage stores your files and data in encrypted form so that no third party can access it. Cloud app can be used as secure storage space and safe cloud storage. Secure Cloud Backup works smartly and stores your data in the cloud storage.

100 GB Storage

Save all your important files on the cloud storage. All users will get 100 GB of storage and space for backup. Users can enjoy the storage of 100 GB of the cloud storage app. 100 GB of space of the backup restore can be utilized for photo storage or video storage. Moreover, if you want more storage then you can buy extra storage. With the premium subscription you can restore apps and create a backup while changing your device.

Premium version of this cloud storage app provides more storage that you can buy after utilizing the storage of 100 GB of the unique cloud app


• Easy files Transfer and Photo Storage
• Extra Space Storage with Cloud Storage
• Contacts Backup and Copy my Data

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