Ultimate Car Driver Simulator

Ultimate Car Driver Simulator

Version ۳.۰
نصب +۲۰ هزار
Category اکشن
Size ۴۹ مگابایت
Last Update ۲۴ اسفند ۱۴۰۱
Ultimate Car Driver Simulator

Ultimate Car Driver Simulator

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Version ۳.۰
نصب +۲۰ هزار
Category اکشن
Size ۴۹ مگابایت
Last Update ۲۴ اسفند ۱۴۰۱
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Enjoy new Extreme Car Driving simulator game of Ultimate Car Simulator by the makers of Drifting and Driving Simulator of Honda Civic and Real Police Car Simulator games. This exciting car game is the best ultimate car simulator that provides unlimited customization options in huge open world city. Join the endless fun with lots of racing cars to choose from. In the most addictive sports car simulator join the race with brand new sports cars. Just drive and drift to feel the thrill in racing sports car game and don’t let police car chase you with hot police pursuit mode.

Creators of some of the most exciting free simulation games like Drifting and Driving Simulator of Honda Civic, Ultimate Car Sim 2 and Real Police Car Simulator games, bring you a new car simulation game like no other! Ultimate Car Sim is a unique blend of most wanted car racing and car simulation game and endless runner, with the action of a hot police pursuit.

Play Drifting and Driving Simulator: ultimate car sim game and fell like super street racer where police cars are chasing you. Best car simulation game for real ultimate car simulator driving experience and realistic sports car customization and physics. You just have to play this new ultimate car sim game to feel like a street racer while avoiding civilian cars and be aware of cop cars. Ultimate car sim game is the best of all super car driving games and perfect time passing game in the category of ultimate car simulator game.

Start the engine of your ultimate sports car, fastened your seatbelt and enjoy free ultimate car driving simulator in awesome open world big city environment while police car chasing you with high speed. Drive your super-fast ultimate car with drifting the asphalt. Real traffic cars to enjoy real life driving experience. Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun. Burn up the street with the fastest and most astonishing ultimate car driving simulation game. Buy new luxury sports cars and test their driving.

In this ultimate car sim game, you are legend driver and don’t let police chase you. Policeman wants to arrest you. You have to drive your car with high speed and waste the cop’s time and get cash.
Collect Coins to buy new ultimate sports cars. This is best ultimate car simulator game with bombs on road features.

Ultimate car sim game features:
- Easy to play
- Lots of cool sports cars
- Mine Bombs on road
- Detailed car interiors
- Big stunt ramps in city
- Police pursuit mode to make game more addictive
- Lots of police cars chasing you
- Drive with real traffic
- Real drifting controls
- Accurate physics and suspension
- Simple and outstanding controls
- Amazing graphics
- Realistic city environment
- Tilt controls for real driving experience
- Left right arrows control to easily play

Tips of playing Ultimate Car Sim: Police Escape Game:
1. Do not accelerate while cornering!
2. Be aware of min bombs on footpath.
3. Collect nitro to speed up before jump.
4. Don't forget to fill up your car with fuel.
5. Drive with traffic but don’t hit them.
6. Make big jumps to get coins.
7. Collect coins on Roads.
8. Follow the rules of traffic rules.
9. Don’t Let Police Cars Chase you.

We design this game especially for kids and car driving games lover. Play the game and have fun.
Download game for free and quench the thirst of fun.
We'd appreciate to hear your suggestions and comments!

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