Recover Deleted Message, Calls

Recover Deleted Message, Calls

نسخهٔ 2.10.0
Install +500
دسته‌بندی Education
حجم 17 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2024 April 16
Recover Deleted Message, Calls

Recover Deleted Message, Calls

Smarty App Solutions
نسخهٔ 2.10.0
Install +500
دسته‌بندی Education
حجم 17 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2024 April 16
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If you are looking for a solution to “how to save text messages” along with call log data, then download “EZ Restore: Recover Deleted Messages & Call Log”. SMS backup and restore and call log backup and restore feature allows users to backup and restore messages and call log data from Google Drive easily and whenever necessary. This app also provide answer to “how to recover deleted messages”. SMS backup & restore app provides an excellent solution for SMS recovery and export text messages for users who want to safeguard their important data from unexpected loss or damage to their devices.

SMS backup and restore is not deleted SMS recovery app. We don’t recover deleted text messages from your phone without a backup text messages file. Only SMS and Call logs data can be recovered if backed up using this app.

• SMS backup or backup messages
• Call log history backup
• Backup messages on Google drive along with call log
• Restore SMS from Google Drive
• Transfer text messages to new phone
• Transfer call logs to another phone
• Export text messages
• Recover deleted text messages from backup
• Recover deleted call history from backup
• Copy call log along with messages
• Share SMS backup file
• Schedule backup messages
• Backup text messages securely
• Uploaded files are easily readable with the “Explore” feature of the app
• Download text messages on the phone in a proper format

Easy SMS backup:
The app allows users to easily create a backup of their SMS (text messages) and call log data by just selecting the messages or call log or both. Its simple interface makes it easier to backup files.

Transfer text messages and call log:
The backup and restore feature make process easy to export text messages or transfer text messages to new phone. User just have to take backup through this SMS backup and restore app. The uploaded data on Google drive can be shared or transferred to any android device through the Google drive by accessing the same Google account or Google drive tab at My backups screen. Just click “More” button on this screen and you can easily share or download text messages and call log data.

SMS Backup on Google drive:
Users can create call log backup as well as SMS backup (messages backup) on a local phone and Google drive. On a local phone, data isn’t safe in case of data deletion or failure of the device. Its Google drive backup feature keeps data safe from all of these worries and helps to quickly, securely and easily accessible from anywhere.

Restore SMS from Google drive:
Users can easily restore SMS from Google along with Call logs data to their Android device with a few clicks. It is one of the most significant advantages of this app to restore SMS and call log data from the Google Drive backup. In case of any accidental deletion or device failure, users can quickly restore their data from their Google Drive account. It restores data in the actual SMS and Call log format of your Android device.

Schedule Call log and SMS backup:
Scheduling option of SMS recovery app is an impressive feature. Users can schedule automatic backups on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It ensures that the data is always up to date and eliminates the need for users to initiate backup messages every time manually.

SMS backup and restore is a straightforward app to use and requires minimal setup. Once installed, users are required to grant necessary permissions for backup text messages, including access to their SMS and call log data and Google Drive account. The app will then create SMS backup to the user's Google Drive account. Users can access backup message data from any device with the same Google account.
The backup and restore messages app with a clean and straightforward user interface, making it easy to navigate and use the app effectively. The app's modern design supports easily access backup messages, download text messages, and recover deleted text messages options with just a few taps.

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