Animal Face Photo Maker

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Version 1.0


Ever wanted to try to express your anger or humor in a different way?? Bored of using stickers toportrait your emotions?? Animal Face is a photo editor specifically made for those moments whereyou want to express your inner emotions and funny thoughts using an animal’s face.Is your friend, love or family member worried, sad or angry?? Then the best way to makesomeone get out of their worries is to contort the picture with the animal faces showing different

expression and give it that extra realistic vibe.

If your friend is angry with someone, morph the picture with animal face and let their agony fly

away letting a smile on their face. If you are not in a mood to speak to anyone, just explicit by

mutating your image with an aggressive tiger or lion face.

Do you miss all the monkey acts done you along with your group of friends? Now find the old

picture of your friends group and start morphing the faces with different animal’s face which suits

their character. Make a funny conversation on it by adding different Tag Lines.

You can make your kids laugh by changing a person’s face into an animal.

Create a hilarious pictures! Make your playful group pictures with Wild & Pet Animal Faces.


  • modify/delete SD card contents
  • full Internet access
  • Camera