ABC Animal Games - Kids Games

ABC Animal Games - Kids Games

Version 1.1.8
Install +500
Category Kids
Size 43 MB
Last Update 2024 February 26
ABC Animal Games - Kids Games

ABC Animal Games - Kids Games

Fabulous Fun
Version 1.1.8
Install +500
Category Kids
Size 43 MB
Last Update 2024 February 26
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Welcome to ABC Animals Games, a game full of colors, animals, fun features and things to learn. See all of your favorite animals in a bound-free setting! Show them a little attention and care! Come and interact with them!

That means more than 20 mini games to play! Clean up, wash animals and feed animals, dressup animals. Fantastic! Get all the girls and boys together to explore and rescue this amazing animal during this game!

Game includes
1. Alphabet Flashcards
With High Quality Animal Flashcards, kids can learn various animals, the animal sounds and relate Alphabets to each animal quite easily.

2. Feed The Animal:
feed a hungry animal with a proper food.

3. Pet Salon
This includes 4 animal like giraffe, zebra, elephant, lion. you need to take care of in the pet daycare! You little pets need washing, feeding and even a more stylist dreessup!

4. Hair Salon
This includes 4 animal like lion, monkey, penguin, yak. You'll style the hair of your pet. Create fun hairstyles that are filled with creativity and change them any time you'd like. You can also try out new styles that you might have not considered before as you play out this fun salon game. Turn your pet into a stylish beauty!

5. Animal care
There are 9 animals to take care like beer, lion, kangaroo, elephant, ant, duck, panther, quail, Monkey. The pets can have a cold, fever, conjectivitis allergy, earache, sore throat or stomach ache. You will also learn to heal wounds and scratches, broken nails and even to remove splinters, fleas and ticks from them.

6. Animal Puzzle
It’s a funny jigsaw puzzle game for toddlers who are expected to put together animal puzzle pieces listening to animal sounds.

7. Connect the dots
This game is designed so that the smallest of the house entertained by joining the dots and discovering animals that are hidden behind the puzzle.

8. Spot The Difference
Find the Differences is a fun game of spotting the 5 differences in 50 scenes with cute cartoon farm animals.

9. Alphabet tracing
Your children on preschool can starting to learn the alphabet with simple games and practice writing English alphabets ABC by cute animals

10. Spelling learning
Building vocabulary and letter recognition has never been so exciting for preschoolers and toddlers, they'll enjoy the fun narration and images while completing each word successfully and a pleasant voice will encourage them to continue playing.

Let your kids learn Alphabets in an easier way by relating each Alphabet with an animal.

Enjoy with Fabulous Fun !!

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