Eye Color Changer : Eye Lens Photo Editor 2019

Eye Color Changer : Eye Lens Photo Editor 2019

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Do you want most attractive eye color ?
Do you wish to add beautiful eye lens on you eyes ?
Do you want to make eyes look more pretty?
If yes!
Then this application can help you.
Here we have eye lens app for you to change the eye color.
This is simple eye lens photo editor app in which you can change
the eye lens.
You can adds a variety of magical pupil effect photos that can change your eye color.
Eye color changer have collection of contacts like scary, blue eye, red eye, flag, animal eye
and many more.
It is simple photo editor simulation for eye colour changer where you have to pick
your favorite eye lens for your eyes.
Eye Lense Photo Editor will enhance the beauty of your eyes.
In this photo editor you have to drag and drop the lenses on the eyes image.

Features of Eye Colour Changer :
- Variety of attractive and beautiful eye lenses
- Eye color changer makes the eyes pretty and real looking
- Eye lense color changer have lenses like scary, blue ,red, animal eye, flag and so on
- This photo editor app is user friendly
- You can share your image after editing
- Eye lens app is free for every one.

How To Change Eye Color ?
- Open the eye editor app
- Choose you image form gallery and crop it
- Adjust selection on eyes image
- Zoom image and adjust points
- From eye color changer list choose eye lense of your choice
- Adjust visibility
- Now image is ready to share or save.

Thanks for choosing Eye Color Changer a free Eye Lense Photo Editor app for changing eye color.

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