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Health & Fitness

The most comprehensive software ladies

What day woman?

The software includes a variety of sectors is as follows:
The beauty part:
- More than 80 articles related to skin health and beauty of masks and ...
- More than 80 papers on the health of the hair
- Complete reference of the best modes make up more than 50 papers in the world
- Complete reference of the newest methods of hair
- Complete reference points using cosmetics and ...
Section fitness:
- Full video tutorials and exercises TRX
- Video tutorial for all fitness exercises at home
- Video tutorial stretching exercises
- Training exercises to increase height and lumbar meet and ...
- Food section
Department of Psychology:
- Complete reference of psychological tests and ...
- The principles set out clothes every season and location, etc.
Home department:
- All recommend that every housewife should know about home cleaning

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