Beautiful lullabies for children

Beautiful lullabies for children

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This is one of the best and most complete collections of lullabies is compared to other competitors without connect to internet after buying the full version of program .

With this set you can make happy and lovely time with your little kid ...

The program include lullabies Persian (Iranian contains lullabies) and lullabies English (best in English) and Arabic lullabies (best in Arabic)

I am sure that by listening to a lullaby, you're like any of them over and over again listen to and when playing a lullaby Pictures plans to move in the midst of the program is the ability to listen to a lullaby to repeat ad infinitum

The graphic images of children and animals super super super beauty that I'm sure you're the fun of it


Here is part of lullabies in english:

I Am a Peaceful Star

These Little Hands

The Happy Stars

Happy Children

If Someone Says I Love You

I love you mommy

and more ......

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