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My file player is for playing file types


There are 5 very functional apps in this app (music player ... video player .. Simple photo editing and pdf reader and pdf maker is very simple) if you download and install all five programs individually. It installs a lot of space and space from the Internet and the memory of your phone, but it uses less space and volume, and it's important to access your most popular files such as audio and video, and photo And PDF pdf) makes your phone very easy and fast and you can access your file types with just a few touches and categorized



1. Audio file playback

2. Video file playback

3.Show images

4.Display pdf file

With this software, you can make small edits to your photos, like

Put text on a photo. Change the size and color and rotate the photo and text and save it

And you can send all the files to other devices with Bulutos

Share the Internet with a variety of messengers

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