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Mentioned in God, pray and appeal to the open and ease matters
It provides a set of specific development and unparalleled variety of short prayers that are abundant in all the religious books and motivational effects are mentioned Jab
The foundation of this collection is tried praying with the Koran , Prophets , Imams and religious scholars quoted , is included .
Also on the topic of prayer and a brief description of it depending on the time, place and the story is expressed in the prayers .
Astjabt and lack of prayer Astjabt also exhaustively expressed.
Appearance of the user interface and the software is also employed by the talent and effort Arabesque environment and service users to be illuminated .
The program has three dedicated buttons for Zoom In , Zoom Out , and sharing of content
As some of the prayers contained in this application :
Prayer of Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH )
Prayer of Jesus ( AS )
Dua of Prophet Musa (AS )
Prayer of Prophet Noah (AS )
Prayer of Prophet Yunus (AS )
Prayer of Prophet Yusuf (AS )
Prayer of Prophet Zakariyya ( as)
Prayer companions of Kahf
Disposal sore eyes
Disposal Genie
Stay away from sin
Will increase
and etc

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