زمانی با خدا

زمانی با خدا

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in the name of God

Once upon a time, God's Religious Program with great features

This program includes the Qur'an, Motifah, Nahj al-Balaghah, hadiths, treasures (Mahdism, biographies, and religious stories), mention of number, number of rituals, Qibla's faces and all the facilities that a religious program needs.

*** App Features ***

1. Having downloadable audio for all Quran and famous prayers and pilgrimages

2. Having a great number with the ability to say even with a silent screen

3. Having a great number of racetracks along with Takbir's voice and choosing a number of prayers

4. Have settings for personalizing different parts of the program

5- Having a beautiful and elegant interface

We hope you enjoy the app

And with your comments and suggestions, the program gets better

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