wiring android

wiring android

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Electrical circuits of the building

Suitable for electricians and electrical work all people who want to be their home.

List of circuits available in this app:

Key Bridge, key two bridges, turn-key, cross key, Lunar orbit, Fvtsl, automatic gates, staircase timer, the type of wire used in electricity, fusebox, how wiring, electrical tools they need water, map cooler installation, how to install a ceiling fan, how to install chandeliers, the staircase, how to change the keys to the eye, domestic, outlet timer, comments on the lighting and various lamps, fire alarm systems, alarm Places iPhone audio, video, installation spotlights, how to wire telephone sockets, antennas, and other types of sockets and wiring drawings of the building, description of cables and ....

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You can answer all your questions about this program and raise electricity via email.

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