Pocket Bubble Level

Pocket Bubble Level

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Pocket Bubble Level - perfect app for every handyman, DIY and smartphone holder. Accurate, nice and easy to use, at the same time very functional.
Install this app and you will have a spirit level always handy.

Our pocket bubble level uses the accelerometer and gyroscope (depending on smartphone model). It help to align or leveled when you try to hang any object horizontally, vertically or set at any angle.

Features of the application:
- Shows angle or inclination,
- Precisely shows the inclination angle in each plane (like laser level),
- You can lock the orientation,
- You can measure angle or slope of any object (eg. roof pitch, table, wall, etc.),
- Easy to read display and indicators,
- No Internet access required.

If something doesn't work, write to us help@examobile.pl - we will fix it!

Enjoy your work and fun with this app!

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